Waking Up

by Isaiah Dominguez

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released August 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Isaiah Dominguez Omaha, Nebraska

Nostalgia-tinged Rock N' Roll

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Track Name: American Eyes
Turn the radio on. Drive all night with my high-beams on.
Find exactly what I want in the dark, when "Born To Run" comes on.
Feel my pulse pick up. Remember all the times I fell in love, raising all that hell where I grew up.
Just being us.
I think of all the times that you said I should come over.
Grip the wheel tight, like I used to with your head on my shoulder.

American eyes. Picture blue skies.
Hold on to what you just can't fight.
Young hearts, old minds.
Hold on to one hell of a ride.

Fast forward 5 years. I'm not even living in the same state I was.
Wandering the streets of downtown with a buzz, but closer to just drunk.
I play a game of remember when we'd laugh to keep from breathing.
You were carrying your shoes, just me and you, across Railroad and Holly.

Looking back, the hourglass, the time I spent with you.
You summer skin, my giving in, the things we wouldn't do.
Track Name: Carpinteria
Like, I know it's hard. I know the budget, ain't no money.
Chill, chill... I know it might happen in a year or 10 years.
Don't jump off the bridge...

Give up the ghost, I'm running down the West Coast to you.
Toe the line in your bare toes, in the sands of Carpinteria.
Wake up to the false alarms, going off in your head saying "You're not young enough to be lost again".

Sailing away, I am sailing away.

Hold out for hope, it takes years just to learn to let go.
Fall in love with the gold coast, but don't forget to come back to meet us.
Wake up to the beat of your heart, going wild for the feeling that you thought you'd lost, again.
What did you lose my friend?

Give up the ghost. Hold out for hope.
I'm waking up, not letting go.
Track Name: 100 MpH
Jessie's in the front yard, dancing in the sprinkler.
Singing all her own songs, acting like she never heard that the world was gonna tear her apart.
She's young, she's wild, but she's got all of the heart that it takes to make you believe.

But that's how it is when you're young.
We live it all on the run.
We live at 100 miles an hour, never taking the time to look backwards.
We try to keep our hearts away from the matches, but they're burning up.
Just like when we were young.

4 more years of freedom.
The best lives, oh we lead em.
You can follow your footsteps, but she'll leave you in ashes.
Track Name: Obsession
Go on and take your time, like you haven't already.
Go on and change your mind, twice more in a row.
Go on and tell me lies, the beautiful ones, just in disguise, and we can't let go.
Cause if you didn't want it all, you'd have me, baby.
Cause you can't tie down what isn't yours.

No, you lost control.
I heard that love was your obsession.
I hope you learned your lesson dear.

Some things should never fly, but we touched the sun.
Parking lots and life decisions.
You taught me how to say goodbye, but I'm not the one whose heart wants to believe the lies, like yours does.

No, you burned me once, but I digress, and I know I learned my lesson dear.
Track Name: Golden Gates
I finally got some time to clear my mind, over a 14 and a half hour drive, on the western most, long stretch of coast.
The pacific skyline.
Just me and my thoughts, nothing bottled up.
No playing games of reasonable doubt and I guess I found, sometimes you drown no where near the water.
Are you happy with yourself?

I got carried away.
I lost you at the golden gates and I'm not coming back to your arms.

It's a lot of change.
It's a give and take.
You either bend with the wind or you break and you find yourself, or someone else, when you lose your way.
Sometimes losing sleep helps you gain something that is larger in the grand-scheme of things.
Saying goodbye isn't the end of life, but the beginning.

I got carried away.
I lost you at the golden gates and I'm not coming back to your arms.
Of all my mistakes, you weren't the worst I made, but I'm not coming back to your arms.

Going back home.